Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Most Delightful Cat Tree

When we were kittens our daddy surprised us one day by building us a cat tree. Part of the reason for our surprise was the fact that we didn't know what a cat tree is, but it sure sounded like a spiffy thing. And our daddy even let us help him build. The picture on the right is Kaycee holding something in place while daddy got ready to hit it with a big metal thing.

We weren't sure what a cat tree should look like, so we had to defer to daddy's judgment. We have to admit it turned out pretty neat, and we like to spend a lot of time laying on it, scratching the posts, and generally showing our daddy how much we love his gift.

I don't know all of the technical details of its construction, but daddy explained that it was relatively easy to do. He began with a plywood platform, which he covered with a soft material. Then he attached 4 4" x 4" posts of different heights. He used some big pointy spiral things (I think they are called lag bolts) to attach the posts. He covered these posts with different things, but mostly he used a heavy rope.

He then attached plywood platforms to the tops of the posts. This was for us to sit on. He covered the platforms with the soft material too. He tried attaching several toys on strings, but Kaycee kept pulling them off. (I would never do such a thing, because I am very respectful of daddy's work.) He even added a tube for us to hide in, though Kaycee isn't very good at hiding.

If we had to make another cat tree I would have some suggestions this time. For example, we don't have anywhere to put our book if we want to lounge on the cat tree and read. Also, now that we are bigger the platforms can get a little crowded if two of us want to lay on one at the same time. But these are pretty minor complaints.

If you want to build a cat tree for your cats, and why wouldn't you, you can get some pretty cool ideas here. Your cats would really love you if were as nice to them as our daddy is to us.

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