Introducing The Philosophical Cats

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, cats have been recognized as more philosophical than dogs. This is not meant to cast aspersions upon canines, but merely a recognition of Aristotle's principle that a thing is what it is: A is A. Cats are philosophically inclined; dogs are stupid. We will leave our proof of this fact for future posts, but for now we simply want to state that this is our starting point.

We must acknowledge that much of our interest in philosophy has developed from our devoted human companions. They have not only nurtured our bodies, but our minds as well. They feed us, they clean our litter box, they rub us, and they have helped us understand many of the great questions that all conceptual beings must answer, whether explicitly or implicitly.

We do not claim to be philosophic geniuses. After all, we are cats. But we believe that we have a unique perspective to bring upon the subject, if for no other reason than the fact that we are not conceptual beings. While we lack the ability to reason, type, or even utter an intelligible sentence, this does not mean that we are not entitled to our own opinions or a right to express them.  And so, without further ado, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Weasley is the youngest of the trio. He came into the family after finding himself stuck to the fence in the back yard of his human companions. Covered with fleas, and all of five weeks old, he was simply too cute to be abandoned. He has since grown into a svelte young man, full of confidence and vigor. His favorite activities are picking on his sisters,  playing in the garage, and doing vampire imitations. He has also been the manager of a fantasy football team the past two seasons, and is proud to say that his team won its league in 2009.

Kaycee (lower left) and Rikki (upper right) are twins, born in the garage of their human companions during Hurricane Katrina. They have literally been together since before birth, and remain inseparable today. Despite the trauma of being born in a garage, the two have grown into lovable, furry young women who enjoy eating, having their bellies rubbed, and generally engaging in cute behavior. Despite being two years older than their brother, they are easily dominated by him, which might not be surprising given the photograph he selected for this profile. They have not tried to reason with him, for the simple fact that they cannot reason, nor can he.

This blog will be a collaborative effort between the three of us. We will share our observations and thoughts on the events of the day and passing along whatever tips we happen to somehow discover that may be of interest to readers. Since we spend a large portion of our time sleeping, and when awake are often involved in preening, eating, or begging for food, our observations will be limited. But we are more concerned with quality than quantity, and for that reason, we encourage you to regularly visit The Philosophical Cats.