Friday, March 26, 2010

My Favorite Cat Toy

When I was a kitten, most of my time was spent playing with the various toys that my human companions dutifully provided for my entertainment. As the demands of adulthood have foisted themselves upon me, I find less and less time for such activities. But I still occasionally find time between staring out the window and napping to engage in a few minutes of carefree frolicking.

By far my favorite companion is Fishy Fun. It has a delightful aroma and its hard body feels good in my mouth. I love to roll around while chewing on it. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this toy is the fact that it slides very easily, so the slightest swat can send it scurrying just like a real fish might do if I was allowed to have one. This allows me to practice my pouncing.

However, the ease with which is slides can be a problem on some flooring, like ceramic tile and laminates. The damn thing will slide under the refrigerator or under the sofa and hide just like a fish out of water. I then have to go find one of my human companions and instruct them to remove my toy so that I can continue. This can be very disruptive when one only has a short time to play before resuming a nap.

My sister and brother have their own favorite toys, though they do occasionally like to play with my fish. Fortunately, we have a lot of them laying all over the place, so I can usually find one pretty easily. (I've also hidden a few, but don't tell anyone.)

What, you may ask, do cat toys have to do with philosophy? In a word, everything. If the purpose of one's life is one's own personal happiness (which it is), then having the proper toys is a crucial element. And if your cats can't express it quite that well, then trust me. I'm one of the philosophical cats.

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