Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take Your Cat to Work Day is Stupid

This weekend I became aware of a movement to institute a national "Take Your Cat to Work Day". Apparently, somebody who doesn't own a cat decided that this would be a good idea, and now I am going to have to spend considerable time convincing my human companions that this is a bad idea. A very bad idea.

If I wanted to go to work I'd get a freaking job. The fact is, I get to spend my days chasing imaginary animals around the house, napping, and begging for food. Why would I want to interrupt this endless pleasure for the monotony of listening to people talk on the phone?

I am sure that lots of people would like the idea of a cute, fuzzy cat hanging around their desk all day. And I'm certainly not going to claim that I don't find occasional pleasure sitting on top of my daddy's desk, swatting at his pencil, and chewing on the papers that he is trying to read. But that is in the comfort of my own home and I don't have to listen to Matilda talk about her rash.

My suggestion is, if you want to take a pet to work, take a dog. (But don't take a Yorkie. They aren't real dogs and they are very annoying.) Or better yet, get a goldfish. You can just leave it on your desk in a little bowl, and then when it dies, you can take it home to feed to your cat.

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